Welcome to the most exclusive Padel Club in the world !!!

The Project

It is a project born for the love of padel and it's people !!!

We want to "build" the most exclusive padel club in the world by combining the REAL world with the VIRTUAL one ...

We use NFTs as an exclusive entrance tickets to our ecosystem ...

The Collection

4448 GENESIS NFTs (EIP-4907 standard minted on Polygon) divided into 4 categories, each of them with unique game characteristics and different rarities.

1112 Lions, 1112 Bulls, 1112 Monkeys and 1112 Cheetahs.

20 "Legendary" NFTs, 5 for each category.

With 2 GENESIS you will be able to generate a new NFT "Baby" (max supply 8896).


P2E Online Manager Game

The players will compete in the largest NFT Padel World Circuit within our management game "Play-2-Earn" on the web platform trying to conquer the final victory and the rich prize pool in $SWEAT (our ERC20 proprietary Token).

Training, tactics, different types of players and tournaments, different playing conditions, "Challenge other collections" mode and much more ...

$SWEAT is the engine of our ecosystem and will allow all owners of 4448 GENESIS to receive 10 tokens per day for each owned Genesis (staking), with which it will be possible to buy NFTs upgrades in our marketplace to help players during games and consequently change their fate ...

With our Token you can do a lot of different things, for example you can change the name of your "Champion", write a personalised BIO, bet on match results, have exclusive access to our "PADELAND" metaverse, give life to one or more "Babies" who will be able to challenge each other in the smaller circuits and more importantly they will have the power to vote in our "PADEL DAO".

Padel DAO


The goal of our "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" (1 Baby = 1 Vote) is to organise the largest European "Amateur" Padel Circuit in the real world to give anyone the chance to feel like a true champion!

Division into two level categories, men's draw, women's draw, single set up to 9 games with 1 hour time limit for qualifying tournaments.

The best couples from different countries will compete in the "SUPER FINALS" in matches at the best of 3 sets for the final prize in $SWEAT.

Are you ready to compete against the best?

Welcome to "PADELAND" our home in our indipendent metaverse powered by "Unity" platform.

Within our land you can participate in all the events dedicated to the sport that we love so much, presentations, interviews, access to business opportunities, parties, mini games and a lot of other activities.

You will be able to build your property within "PADELAND" using our $SWEAT token and benefit from all the available services that we will create for our community.

We can't wait to discover what the future holds ... Let's build our new home together!

20 Legendary

20 "Legendary", 5 for each category (5 Lions, 5 Bulls, 5 Monkeys and 5 Cheetahs):

- You can buy only through Auction

- Exclusive access to Alpha chat with Team

- Will recieve 15 $SWEAT token por day

- $SWEAT token awards incrised by 5%

- Priority pass for all Padel Society events

NFTs Legendary.png
NFTs Babies.png

8896 Babies

With 2 GENESIS and 600 $SWEAT token you will be able to generate a new NFT "Baby".

The "Babies" will participate in all the Play-2-Earn mini games in the "PADELAND" metaverse (skill, casino etc).

The "Babies" NFTs have a Governance Power into our "Padel DAO" (1 "baby" = 1 vote).


Whoever has more than 4 "baby" will be able to launch a proposal to the community that will have the task of voting for it.



Fabio Rota

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Ignazio di Lauro

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Gianni Soldano

Silvio Luchetti

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Piero Fioretti

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Marco Tullio Giordano

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Luca Cassetta

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27th September 2022 Presale 500 NFTs


Q4 - 2022 Whitelist sale 1000 NFTs


Q4 - 2022 First raffle/giveaway for the owners of 10K in EUR + Padel equipment


Q4 - 2022 Public sale from 1501 to 4428 GENESIS 


Q4 - 2022 NFTs REVEAL with rarities ranking


Q4 - 2022 "LEGENDARY AUCTION" 16 NFTs (4 Lions, 4 Bulls, 4 Monkeys, 4 Cheetahs)

Q4 - 2022 Second raffle/giveaway for the owners of 15K in EUR + 1 Padel Society customized ROLEX Submariner + Padel Equipment



Q4 - 2022 50K EUR charity donation to "CHARITYWATER.ORG"


Q4 - 2022 Launch of our Utility Token $SWEAT (ERC20)


Q4 - 2022 Alpha Mint of 2668 Babies, 50% of the revenues will go in the DAO wallet (6228 remain for breeding process)


Q4 - 2022 Launch of "PADEL DAO"


Q1 - 2023 Launch of "PADELAND" our home in our indipendent metaverse


Q1 - 2023 Launch of our "P2E" Online Manager Videogame


Q2 - 2023 "Metawrapping" your PFP & get a Playable 3D metaverse's Avatar 


Q2 - 2023 Launch of EUROPEAN "AMATEUR" PADEL TOURNAMENT (in the real world...)


Q2 - 2023 Launch our Augmented Reality tool "Seek & Earn"


Q2 - 2023 Merchandising, New Collection & more things...


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You can trust us because we are:

Registered business

Doxxed team

100% transparency

Heavy-duty utilities

10+ office staff

Strong long time vision